Palermo is a unique city, rich with history, art and culture, with an energetic and joyous nightlife. Discovering its historic city centre and magical atmosphere is a thrill.

The wonders of Palermo’s city centre have enchanted and continue to enchant generations of travellers from all around the world. Historic buildings, old churches, boisterous open-air markets and charming theatres truly make the historic centre of the capital of Sicily a place to be discovered.

Hotel Columbia’s strategic location allows its guests to reach some of the historic centre’s most intriguing locations by foot, like I Quattro Canti (the Four Corners), Piazza Pretoria (Pretoria Square) and the Cathedral. Very close by are the colourful Ballarò and Vucciria markets, where the friendly vitality of the people and exquisite flavours of the local street food will seduce you.

Palermo isn’t just a city of art and monuments but also a place to be experienced by night, when the streets and squares of the city centre come alive with an energetic nightlife of restaurants, pubs, night clubs and theatres that make night time in this city not to be missed.


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